a curious storyteller.

Crystal Anokam (b. 1996) is a hybrid photographer, researcher and storyteller from Prince George’s County, MD. She holds a B.S. in Public Health from Temple University. 

Anokam’s Nigerian-American upbringing plays an influential role in her interest in photo documentation within the Black diaspora. She utilizes digital and analogue (film) photography to make images that are timeless and thought-provoking. Anokam’s work centers on creating space for others, and her photographs are open conversations to better understand people through mutual exchange. Her photojournalistic approach is grounded by her devotion to make work that transcends borders and brings communities together.

Merging her academic background, Anokam aspires to use photography and research work to highlight real narratives of black people through community, global health, and cultural identity. Outside of work, Anokam enjoys cycling, reading books, listening to Burna Boy and making YouTube videos

She is currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA. 

Say hello 👋🏾 at hello@crystalanokam.com

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